Off-beat things to do in Delhi

BEYOND THE OBVIOUS Off-beat things to do in Delhi by Debashree Chatterjee Dotted with ancient monuments, sprawling gardens, magnificent forts and buzzing bazaars (markets), Delhi is stuffed with history and heritage. One can keep discovering it beyond layers and with every layer there is a new surprise, and this is what makes her different. Though, [...]

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10 best restaurants in Delhi

The gastronomical Gem called Delhi A foodie’s path to ecstasy Eat with Debashree Chatterjee, who tells us her favorite 10 restaurants in Delhi Delhi’s rich and diverse culinary heritage reflects hues of various cultures coming together as a single vibrant mosaic. With many gastronomic traditions – a result of many kingdoms and [...]

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Getting around Delhi: Metro, Taxi, Rickshaw & more

TRAVELLING LIKE A BOSS Making Delhi your own by Debashree Chatterjee In a city as big, diverse and vibrant as Delhi, it often feels like the entire populace of the place is travelling at the same time and somehow, everybody is going the same way as you and me. This extremeness of everything makes it [...]

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Where to go shopping in Delhi

Shop till you drop A bargainer’s diary by Debashree Chatterjee Doesn’t matter if you are a self-confessed shopaholic, or a need-based shopper, or a shopahater (haven’t come across any in my life), . Doesn’t matter what you are looking for, or where you are staying in the megacity, you are sure to come across one [...]

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The best coffee shops in Bhutan

Cafés I like in Bhutan By Ulrike Čokl As an Austrian I appreciate the Viennese “Kaffeehauskultur” (coffee culture).  You can spend hours and even a full day in cafés, enjoying various types of coffee, cakes and snacks while reading a good book, jotting down your thoughts and working. I was delighted when the first cafés [...]

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Monastery festivals Ladakh 2020

Visiting a monastery festival in Ladakh is one of the highlights of their trip for most of the visitors and yes, it is something spectacular and touching to see the colorfully dressed monks dance their stories. Here are the celebrations for 2020. Ladakh: Monastery festivals and other celebrations 2020 Hemis-Festival Spituk Gustor in [...]

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Why traveling to Bhutan is regulated by a tariff

By Ulrike Čokl Ulli has lived in Bhutan on and off for many years. She has conducted ethnographic research on traditional hospitality practices, travelling & gift-exchange in rural communities. Thus she is very familiar with village livelihoods all over the little kingdom. She loves developing unique itineraries that offer a glimpse into the rich cultural [...]

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Bhutan: Dates for Festivals 2016

  Bhutan has a lot of monastery and not-religious festivals to offer. It is difficult to choose among them all. Our advice: If you have the time/possibility, visit festivals in the off-season. They are very special because they have less foreign visitors. Also travelling in off-season is more cheap than in high season. If you [...]

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Travelling alone as a woman: 10 tips from Ulli Felber

"Are you going alone to India? But you’re a woman! That’s too dangerous!!” Too often have I heard these words - from best friends to work colleagues or even my own family doctor. In the meantime, I have already traveled seven times to India. Sometimes accompanied by friends, but very often alone. And I have [...]

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The story behind Gesar Travel: Love & Fate

Companies have facades instead of faces; logos instead of eyes. It’s easy to get lost in a labyrinth of products, services and impersonal business conditions. Like the Wizard of Oz, they appear lifeless and artificial. But behind the curtains everything is quite human. Let me tell you the story behind Gesar Travel. It all starts [...]

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The buddhist Wheel of Life explained step by step

Whoever has visited a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, no matter if in Ladakh, Tibet or Bhutan, has also probably noticed, usually at the entrance of the temple, a drawing of the Buddhist Wheel of Life. This symbolic representation, or Bhavacakra, serves as a wonderful summary of what Buddhism is, and also reminds us that every action [...]

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10 important Mudras in Tibetan Buddhism

What is a Mudra? Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that play a major role in Hinduism and Buddhism. In addition, mudras are also present in the Indian dancing tradition, and are an important part of yoga, where they are not only symbolic, but should also have an effect on the body and mind. Sooner or [...]

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5 things you can (and should) learn from Ladakh

The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed the world. Alexander von Humboldt A travelling fool is better than a sitting wise man. Nomadic wisdom   Walking is better than sitting by the fire. Paracelsus   The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a [...]

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The weather in Ladakh: what to expect

What will the weather be like in Ladakh? What temperatures should be expected? These two questions are between the most frequently asked by our guests. And every year I'm a bit more cautious when answering them. Why? Because in Ladakh you can expect almost anything, almost always.   How will the weather be in Ladakh? [...]

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Cycling in Ladakh

Cycling is becoming a very popular activity in Ladakh. The bicycle rental sector in Leh has been steadily growing every season for the last few years. But what are the best cycling routes, and what should you take into consideration when exploring the country on two wheels? Discovering Ladakh on a bicycle can be [...]

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Zanskar & its 10 most beautiful spots

Zanskar remains one of the very few places on Earth that, for several months every year, becomes almost entirely isolated from the rest of the world. It can only be reached, or left, via the frozen river Zanskar. Our guide Phunchok Motup - also known simply as Kalyan - comes from that region, and he [...]

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Top 10 Restaurants and Cafés in Leh: Our top tips about food

Holidays also mean good food and drink, taking time to slow down and enjoy a coffee and a cake. There are many restaurants and cafes in Leh during summer, where you can meet people from all over the world and enjoy really good food. That’s why we recommend our guests insteat of exclusively eating at [...]

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Trekking in Ladakh & Zanskar: Which trek fits you?

Are you planning to go for trekking in Ladakh but not sure which trek will be right for you or which area in Ladakh and Zanskar? And which trek is suitable for you and your stamina? We'd like to help you choosing the right one. Which is the best trek for you depends on several [...]

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Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India

Expeditions in the Himalayas? The majority will automatically think about Nepal. And yes, Nepal has a much longer history when it comes to climbing tourism and they are truly experienced in that business and has the advantage of having the maximum mountains above 8000m. And there is one more thing that makes expeditions in the [...]

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Breathless. Tips for the acclimatization in high altitude

Many people shy away from traveling to Ladakh (and other regions of the Himalayas), because they are afraid of the effects of high altitude. And yes, Ladakh is only in a few places below 3,000 meters above sea level. At that altitude the air is thin enough that keeping it inside requires some effort. But [...]

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Hemis Festival 2016: What is it about?

Hemis Festival is held every year, but every 12 years it is very special. 2016 will be one of those years. In the 5th lunar month of the monkey year several hundred thousand people from tibetan-buddhist areas and the whole world will gather to celebrate the life of Naropa.   Hemis Festival: Every 12 years [...]

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Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch

It soars 8586 meters high: the Kangchenjunga. The third highest mountain in the world, the highest peak of Sikkim and India, and, since part of it lies on its territory, the second highest mountain in Nepal. There are so many different ways to write its name: Khangchendzonga (with or without "h") in the original, Kangchenjunga [...]

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Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar: The most beautiful lakes in Ladakh

Even though Ladakh is for the most part a high altitude desert and therefore very, very dry, it can surprise you with some really beautiful lakes. The best known are the Pangong Tso, the Tsomoriri & the Tsokar. These three lakes have a lot in common: First of all their names contain the word “Tso”, [...]

Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar: The most beautiful lakes in Ladakh2019-04-11T09:53:54+02:00

Traveling with children: nightmare or lifetime experience?

This post is not a theoretical essay on long-distance traveling with children: it is a collection of my own experiences as a mother of three who, for at least two months every year, packs her bags and takes her young on an adventurous journey. And no, it is not always a cheerful, problem-free scenario, and [...]

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The good traveler: Paths to sustainable tourism

Many tourists travel with a bad conscience and think that travel, in general, brings more harm than good. It destroys the environment, the traditions and the culture of the host…  And yet they travel, hoping to be the exception. Every traveler leaves traces. Every step does, even at home. It is the nature of a [...]

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