The quiet way? Then why do we write this post? Well, we have been thinking a lot about whether we should write it or not, and have finally decided to do it. Otherwise people could mistakenly conclude that we are environmentally and socially irresponsible. So let’s say it once and for all: we do good, we just don’t talk much about it.


We brought ice skates for the children of the Khardong village


Good deeds

Since the founding of Gesar Travel in 2004, a lot of effort and money have gone into voluntary work and community projects:


  • More than 2000 EUR donated to the volunteer Austro-Ladakhi Project Help for Ladakh
  • Collection of ice skates in Austria and subsequent transport to Ladakh, where they were delivered to the children of the Khardong village
  • Financial support for the education of several Ladakhi boys and girls in a private school for a period of over ten years
  • Support of the Munsel School in Leh. The Munsel School is a school for children with mental handicaps
  • Financial support for the renovation of the monastery in the Khardong village
  • Continued (and continuing) allocation of interest-free mini-loans with the purpose of “helping people help themselves”
  • Ever since the beginning of his work at Gesar Travel, Tashi Wangail has repeatedly given young and talented but poorly trained Ladakhi the chance to better themselves – they have since trained, learned and gained a stable job with fair wages



For several years now, we have supported the Munsel School in Leh – a school for children with mental handicaps

Ecological responsibility without a label

We strive to act in an environmentally responsible way, especially in our everyday work.

Müll Ladakh

With the help of our horses, we always bring our trash back to Leh.


Environmental responsibility starts at home, and small gestures matter. We always point out to our guests that they should use their water reserves wisely, and we then show them the Dzomsa river in Leh, where it is possible to refill the bottles with drinking water, avoiding the need to buy new plastic ones. We also brief our chefs and guides to collect and bring the waste produced during our tours (consisting mainly of tin cans) back to Leh. This works so well that many of our team members collect and bring even the garbage of other groups!

Why we don’t really promote our good deeds

We don’t want to judge. Many companies proudly publicize every good deed done, and that’s ok. Sometimes though, we wonder about the real intention that lies behind the act: is it really about doing good or more about looking good? This is in any case irrelevant for the recipients of the aid, of course. Better a well marketed aid than none, period.

We will continue helping wherever we can. In little ways. Less sensational. Especially in those almost invisible cases that don’t easily lend themselves to big moving stories.



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