Where do you want to travel?

We are specialists for trips to the Himalayas, India and Central Asia. We started with Ladakh, then we slowly started to approach other destinations. Fast growth doesn’t suit us. We prefer to wait until we have the necessary sense of a country before we include it in our programme. That shouldn’t be to your disadvantage.




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Daniela Luschin

Who we are


Gesar Travel was founded in 2004 by Daniela and Tashi in Ladakh, India. For many years Gesar Travel has only organised trips – mainly trekking tours and expeditions – in Ladakh. Slowly, we ventured to the entire Indian subcontinent, then to the neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Bhutan, and later to other destinations. In 2012, Daniela finally founded a travel agency of the same name in Austria, in order to be able to offer our guests appropriate legal protection within the framework of the European Package Travel Ordinance. Tashi continues to head the office in India.

We love the mountains

Trekking & expeditions absolutely are our hobbies. We love the mountains and walking. Only there do we really feel free and at one with ourselves. A better holiday and a better travel to yourself we can not imagine.

“Mountains are voiceless masters and make silent disciples.”

Johann Wolfgang Goethe