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Some elements of our website are not yet adapted to the new design. However, we didn’t want to keep the site offline any longer and didn’t want to keep our information from you.

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The pandemic has thrown us off the beaten path, taught us to fight for survival, reinvented us, and made us stronger. We are still here. And we have made it our goal to reinvent ourselves, to refocus on the essence, on what we can do and love. We love traveling and we have missed traveling. All the more love and passion we now want to pack into our future travels.

Let’s enjoy the new time that comes with new journeys.

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Trekking in Ladakh

Trekking & expeditions are our greatest love. We love the mountains and walking. Only there we feel really free and one with ourselves. We can’t imagine a more beautiful vacation and a better journey to ourselves.

The video was made on one of our trekking tours in Ladakh and was filmed by Patrick Haderer.