We are family!

Good team work is the foundation for the success of our tours. We are lucky to have so many great people working with us and as a bicultural team we complement each other: one person’s weakness is balanced by another’s strength.

Every single member in our dream team has important skills, all working to make your vacation a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Team Austria

Team Austria actually consists of only two people, who in the summer time work in Ladakh as well and complete “Team India”. Ulli joined in 2019 as a free lance Bhutan specialist .

Daniela Luschin-Wangail

Daniela was born in Styria in 1977 as the oldest of three sisters. She was raised in Gesäuse-Eingang near Admont, then moved to Rottenmann. When she was 19, the big city was calling and she moved to Vienna, Austria. She studied Cultural and Social Anthropology, Tibetology and Journalism. Already at the beginning of her studies she was working for humang rights groups - especially the "Free-Tibet-Movement". She went to Ladakh the first time in 2001 when she was doing field work for her diploma thesis, there she met Tashi, her then husband and future father of her kids who was working as a tour guide then. In 2004 he established his own travel agency in Ladakh and Daniela worked with him after she moved to Ladakh in 2005. Besides her job in tourism she writes novels, draws and is engagend in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women on girls in India. Currently she lives in Lower Austria with her three sons and travels as much as possible to discover new destinations. She loves challenges and tries hard to make your perfect holiday come true.  Contact:

Tashi Wangail

Tashi was born in 1969 in Nubra (northern Ladakh). Coming from a humble background, he is a true self-made man. 20 years ago he started to do back-work in the tourism industry, then he learned all the skills necessary to guide tours and the following years he worked very successfully as a tour guide. Not only in Ladakh, but almost in every single region of the Indian Himalayas, Rajasthan and Bhutan. In 2004 he then decided to become self-employed and founded Gesar Travel in Leh, Ladakh. For Tashi and Daniela working together is like a puzzle - they compliment each other and all of their individual parts together make up the whole picture. Tashi is the professional who knows his home country like the back of his hand, he can assess situations realistically and he has a down-to-earth approach and stays calm all the time. He is the perfekt link between customer and host, as he himself has been living in the west for many years. He is the the bridge between home and abroad. Til date he is a dedicated mountain and nature lover and seeks any chance to be out in the field. Contact:

Ulli Čokl

Ulli was born and raised in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. Very early she developed a keen interest in exploring the world and its peoples. After years of traveling and working, she began her studies in social- and cultural anthropology in Vienna. Early on in her studies she visited Bhutan and got hooked. Ulli conducted her master thesis research in Bhutan, living in a remote village in Bumthang for many months. Later she frequently returned to Bhutan for various assignments. In 2011 she enrolled in a PhD programme at University College London. For her ethnographic research, Ulli lived 4 years in Bhutan, affiliated with the Royal University of Bhutan  and the College of Natural Resources. When in Bhutan, Ulli is always on the move, exploring new homes and routes in remote places. She loves developing unique itineraries that offer a glimpse into the rich cultural traditions and practices of Bhutanese society. Ulli has developed a vast network in Bhutan at all levels of society. She decided to explore unique and sustainable ways of farm/homestay tourism and also co-founded the Bhutan Network, an association to facilitate equal exchange between people in Bhutan and Europe. Contact:

Team India

Team india, with their collective inputs, ensure our tours are possible! Our team appointed in Delhi and Leh offices are backed by our guides who leads you on your routes with their stories and the right informations. Experienced drivers takes you to places and the horsemen, they transport the camp. The helpers pitch your tents and sometimes lends hand to the cooks to serve you with hot delicacies in the mountains. Together our team works towards making your tours an unforgetable experience.

Phunchok Motup "Kalyan"

Kalyan is our support from Zanskar. Like Vajira he has studied for many years in Karnataka and later he has been an abmitious and a very friendly guide in our team, guiding some outstanding cultural and trekking tours (specially in Zanskar ) where he belongs. He is very polite and always cheerful to enchanting our guests, they have been always enthusiastic about his honest nature; he always gives out his knowledge and is prepared to deliver the best. He also belongs to the good German speakers in the team.

Dorjey Namgyal "Vajira"

Vajira is the younger brother of Tsering Dolma and for several years been an integral part of the team. As a guide, he accompanies diverse tours not only in Ladakh but also in Sikkim, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu and many more regions in India. He is extremely diverse in his endeavors and holds a deep knowledge on Buddhism. He is also an excellent trekking guide and has accompanied motorbike tours as well. Since some time he also speaks good German and is continuously improving on his knowledge. We also like to mention his love for photography and music. You can find some of his photos in our photo gallery. Contact:

Tsering Dolma

Tsering Dolma is the head of the Agency in India. She organises all the requirements on your tours and at times, she also leads tours as guide. Since she is the only female working among a team of all men, she is therefore favoured with a high regard not just by the colleagues but our guests too feel that considerably. She is the mother of one son and comes from Nubra Valley like Tashi. Before she joined our team to work in tourism, she has worked for a few years in Police department of the state where she also got trained in mountaineering. This experience brings her in a group of a very few women belonging to Ladakh who can lead an expedition and trekking tours. Contact :

Tenzin Angmo

Angmo is our mountain guide and we are especially proud of her because she is the first woman from Ladakh to complete all levels of the mountain guide training in Darjeeling (Indian Mountaineering Foundation). For several years now she has accompanied guests from all over the world through the mountain world of Ladakh and has successfully climbed several 6,000 meters. Anyone traveling with her was thrilled by her sensitivity and honesty. She loves music and enjoys spending her free time in nature. She also learned a little German during her last stay in Austria.

Sonam Dorje

Sonam Dorjay is not only one of the jewels in the team of Gesar Travel; he is also the older brother of Tashi Wangail. Being a father of three sons and a daughter he is a devout Buddhist himself, there can be hardly anyone who could have such deep insight into the religious side of Ladakh as he does. Many people, who were traveling with him, were delighted with his rather quiet, yet very warm and honest nature. As a trekking guide, he has accompanied many tours over the years and thus he knows almost all corners of Ladakh. More importantly, however, he accompanies our guests to his home, Nubra valley, where you always meet and greet people with him. These spontaneous encounters are extremely valuable and memorable.

Kunsang Lharjay

Kunsang has been a part of Gesar – Family since years. He started out as an assistant since our earliest treks. Today he is one of our best climbing guides who has been leading and climbing a vast number of peaks here in Ladakh successfully with our guests. Like Tashi Wangail he is from the village Khardong and also a good naturalist. Among his many qualities he is caring and attentive to everybody with a bright welcoming smile and because of his great sense of humor he is a popular guide among our guests. Since a few years he also does speak a little German.

It was not possible to add all of our team members on this page. That is why we had to focus on a small selection. Neithertheless all the others are not less important for us. Like the others shown above they are all important pieces of our puzzle that shape up to make your journey a memorable one.