Where to go shopping in Delhi

Shop till you drop A bargainer’s diary by Debashree Chatterjee Doesn’t matter if you are a self-confessed shopaholic, or a need-based shopper, or a shopahater (haven’t come across any in my life), . Doesn’t matter what you are looking for, or where you are staying in the megacity, you are sure to come across one [...]

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Our Top 10 Places in Delhi

Top 10 Places and activities in Delhi Delhi is huge, noisy, and for many people also a bit scary. But Delhi is more than just the ever-growing and always busy capital of India, constantly threatening with bursting from its seams. Indeed, there are countless charming and exciting facets to discover here: monuments and forts that [...]

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Bringing gifts on your travels: pros and cons

We are often asked by our guests whether they should bring small (or sometimes larger) presents with them on their journeys, and if so what would be the best kind of gift. This isn’t a question with a simple answer, so we have written this post to look at the most important aspects.   Should [...]

Bringing gifts on your travels: pros and cons2017-05-15T10:19:07+02:00

Obtaining Online-Visa for India even easier

3 changes for the Online-Visa for India   The indian government has further liberalised its visa regime aimed at bringing more tourists and business travellers to the country. The new changes came to effect on 1st April 2017. No it is not an april fool ;-) Here are the 3 most important changes regarding the [...]

Obtaining Online-Visa for India even easier2017-04-10T08:38:17+02:00

Easy tips to improve your life through Ayurveda

To lead a healthier and happier life, one doesn’t necessarily have to visit a therapist or a doctor. According to Ayurveda, there are a few very simple practices that can help you improve your life. You don’t even have to know what your ayurvedic constitution is. If you follow these rules, you will soon notice [...]

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Hinduism simply explained

Hinduism is the most important religion in India and the third-largest religion in the world, with around 1 billion adherents. Since Hinduism, with its many traditions and interpretations, countless deities and grandiose philosophies can be overwhelming for both believers and non-Hindus, we have tried to sum up here the most important aspects of the religion. [...]

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Ayurveda: Kapha, Pitta, Vata and more

When hearing the word Ayurveda, many people automatically think about relaxing oil massages and traditional sitar and tabla sounds in the background. Something soul-cleansing, the touch of expert hands and soothing music caressing a tired body and a stress-riddled mind. No one thinks of enemas, strict diets or full-time schedules and long lists of rules. [...]

Ayurveda: Kapha, Pitta, Vata and more2016-10-12T10:48:32+02:00

Travelling alone as a woman: 10 tips from Ulli Felber

"Are you going alone to India? But you’re a woman! That’s too dangerous!!” Too often have I heard these words - from best friends to work colleagues or even my own family doctor. In the meantime, I have already traveled seven times to India. Sometimes accompanied by friends, but very often alone. And I have [...]

Travelling alone as a woman: 10 tips from Ulli Felber2016-06-22T13:08:51+02:00

Begging in india and how to react

They pull at your shirt, look at you with big supplicant eyes, one open hand outstretched, the other pointing to their mouth while they repeat the words “Chapati! Chapati! Madam, please!". It hurts when children who have not even reached school age stand on the street, filthy and half naked, and ask you for money [...]

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Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India

Expeditions in the Himalayas? The majority will automatically think about Nepal. And yes, Nepal has a much longer history when it comes to climbing tourism and they are truly experienced in that business and has the advantage of having the maximum mountains above 8000m. And there is one more thing that makes expeditions in the [...]

Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India2016-10-14T08:58:02+02:00

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch

It soars 8586 meters high: the Kangchenjunga. The third highest mountain in the world, the highest peak of Sikkim and India, and, since part of it lies on its territory, the second highest mountain in Nepal. There are so many different ways to write its name: Khangchendzonga (with or without "h") in the original, Kangchenjunga [...]

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch2016-04-28T17:10:28+02:00

Traveling with children: nightmare or lifetime experience?

This post is not a theoretical essay on long-distance traveling with children: it is a collection of my own experiences as a mother of three who, for at least two months every year, packs her bags and takes her young on an adventurous journey. And no, it is not always a cheerful, problem-free scenario, and [...]

Traveling with children: nightmare or lifetime experience?2016-02-17T09:36:57+01:00

The good traveler: Paths to sustainable tourism

Many tourists travel with a bad conscience and think that travel, in general, brings more harm than good. It destroys the environment, the traditions and the culture of the host…  And yet they travel, hoping to be the exception. Every traveler leaves traces. Every step does, even at home. It is the nature of a [...]

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Rupees, rupees! All about the money when traveling in India & Ladakh

[tg_promo_box title="News: India declares 500 and 1000 rupee notes worthless" border="" shadow="0" button_text="" button_url=""]The Indian government withdrew all 500 and 1,000 rupee notes on 09th november 2016, essentially leaving millions of people with invalid cash in their wallets. The move is designed to combat corruption and the black money economy. The old notes can be [...]

Rupees, rupees! All about the money when traveling in India & Ladakh2016-11-11T09:13:00+01:00
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