Travelling alone as a woman: 10 tips from Ulli Felber

"Are you going alone to India? But you’re a woman! That’s too dangerous!!” Too often have I heard these words - from best friends to work colleagues or even my own family doctor. In the meantime, I have already traveled seven times to India. Sometimes accompanied by friends, but very often alone. And I have [...]

Travelling alone as a woman: 10 tips from Ulli Felber2016-06-22T13:08:51+02:00

Begging in india and how to react

They pull at your shirt, look at you with big supplicant eyes, one open hand outstretched, the other pointing to their mouth while they repeat the words “Chapati! Chapati! Madam, please!". It hurts when children who have not even reached school age stand on the street, filthy and half naked, and ask you for money [...]

Begging in india and how to react2016-04-08T09:29:36+02:00

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch

It soars 8586 meters high: the Kangchenjunga. The third highest mountain in the world, the highest peak of Sikkim and India, and, since part of it lies on its territory, the second highest mountain in Nepal. There are so many different ways to write its name: Khangchendzonga (with or without "h") in the original, Kangchenjunga [...]

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch2016-04-28T17:10:28+02:00

The good traveler: Paths to sustainable tourism

Many tourists travel with a bad conscience and think that travel, in general, brings more harm than good. It destroys the environment, the traditions and the culture of the host…  And yet they travel, hoping to be the exception. Every traveler leaves traces. Every step does, even at home. It is the nature of a [...]

The good traveler: Paths to sustainable tourism2016-03-02T08:25:00+01:00
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