Trekking in Ladakh: 8 things to keep in mind

If you are planning to take a trekking tour for more than a few days in the Himalayan Ladakh, you should carefully consider a couple of things. Choosing the right maps, knowing how to deal with the local people, and even the proper way to do business with horsemen are some of the more specific [...]

Trekking in Ladakh: 8 things to keep in mind2019-04-11T09:50:04+02:00

Bhutan: Dates for Festivals 2016

  Bhutan has a lot of monastery and not-religious festivals to offer. It is difficult to choose among them all. Our advice: If you have the time/possibility, visit festivals in the off-season. They are very special because they have less foreign visitors. Also travelling in off-season is more cheap than in high season. If you [...]

Bhutan: Dates for Festivals 20162016-07-05T12:22:03+02:00

All about Nubra: Trekking, Expeditions, sites

Nubra is the northernmost part of Ladakh, with borders both to Pakistan and China. Nubra has a lot to offer, but whoever wants to go there has to first cross one of the two 5000m-high mountain passes.   General facts about Nubra Nubra is one of the three Tehsils (an administrative unit in India and [...]

All about Nubra: Trekking, Expeditions, sites2019-04-11T09:51:07+02:00

Cycling in Ladakh

Cycling is becoming a very popular activity in Ladakh. The bicycle rental sector in Leh has been steadily growing every season for the last few years. But what are the best cycling routes, and what should you take into consideration when exploring the country on two wheels? Discovering Ladakh on a bicycle can be [...]

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Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India

Expeditions in the Himalayas? The majority will automatically think about Nepal. And yes, Nepal has a much longer history when it comes to climbing tourism and they are truly experienced in that business and has the advantage of having the maximum mountains above 8000m. And there is one more thing that makes expeditions in the [...]

Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India2016-10-14T08:58:02+02:00

Breathless. Tips for the acclimatization in high altitude

Many people shy away from traveling to Ladakh (and other regions of the Himalayas), because they are afraid of the effects of high altitude. And yes, Ladakh is only in a few places below 3,000 meters above sea level. At that altitude the air is thin enough that keeping it inside requires some effort. But [...]

Breathless. Tips for the acclimatization in high altitude2019-04-11T09:53:31+02:00

Hemis Festival 2016: What is it about?

Hemis Festival is held every year, but every 12 years it is very special. 2016 will be one of those years. In the 5th lunar month of the monkey year several hundred thousand people from tibetan-buddhist areas and the whole world will gather to celebrate the life of Naropa.   Hemis Festival: Every 12 years [...]

Hemis Festival 2016: What is it about?2015-12-15T09:36:19+01:00

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch

It soars 8586 meters high: the Kangchenjunga. The third highest mountain in the world, the highest peak of Sikkim and India, and, since part of it lies on its territory, the second highest mountain in Nepal. There are so many different ways to write its name: Khangchendzonga (with or without "h") in the original, Kangchenjunga [...]

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch2016-04-28T17:10:28+02:00

Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar: The most beautiful lakes in Ladakh

Even though Ladakh is for the most part a high altitude desert and therefore very, very dry, it can surprise you with some really beautiful lakes. The best known are the Pangong Tso, the Tsomoriri & the Tsokar. These three lakes have a lot in common: First of all their names contain the word “Tso”, [...]

Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar: The most beautiful lakes in Ladakh2019-04-11T09:53:54+02:00
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