Sain bain-uu?

Сайн байна уу?

Learning a few words in Mongolian makes it easier for you to get in touch with the people of Mongolia while traveling. Even though the younger Mongolians speak English quite well today and the older generation mostly speak Russian and even some German, you can still make friends faster with a few phrases in the local language. Mongolian is written in the Cyrillic alphabet in Mongolia, which has to do with the long association with the former Soviet Union, but there has been a revival of Mongolian script since independence.


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The Mongolian script was created in 1208 by the Uighur writer Tatar-Tonga. He was captured by the Mongols during a campaign, and commissioned by Genghis Khan to write a script for the Mongolian language. For this purpose, he adapted the Uighur alphabet to the new requirements. Its greatest feature is the writing direction, which runs vertically from top to bottom and column by column from left to right (all other vertical fonts go from right to left). [/tg_promo_box]



Especially with people on countryside you get in contact with people faster, if you speak und understand a few words Mongolian. Photo: Roland Amon


Sain bainuu? – Hello [lit. meaning “are you being well?”]

Sain uu? – Hi

Tanii bie sainuu? – How are you?

Bi sain. – I am fine.

Ugluunii mend! – Good morning!

Udriin mend! – Good afternoon!

Oroin mend! – Good evening!

Saihan amraarai! – Good night!

Bayartai! – Goodbye!


Helpful words

Uuchlaarai! – Sorry!

Bayarlalaa – Thank you

Zugeer! – You’re welcome

tiim – yes

ugui – no

za – ok



Yamar unetei ve? – How much is it?

Ta hen be? – Who are you?

Ene yu ve? – What is it?

Heden tsag bolj baina? – What time is it?

Bid hezee yawah ve? – When will we go?

Tanai geriinhen sainuu? – How is your family?



Tanii ner hen be? – What is your name?

Minii ner … – My name is

Ta heden nastai ve? – How old are you?

Bi … nastai. – I am … years old.

Ta heden huuhedtei ve? – How many children do you have?

Bi … huuhedtei. – I have … children.

Ta haanaas irsen be? – Where are you from?

Bi … -aas irsen. – I am from …

Amerik – America

German – Germany

Franz – France

Golland – Netherlands

Avstr – Austria

Ital – Italy

Spani – Spain

Oros – Russia

Hytad – China

Yopon – Japan



0 teg

1 neg

2 hoyor

3 gurav

4 duruv

5 tav

6 zurgaa

7 doloo

8 naim

9 yus

10 arav

11 arvan neg

12 arvan hoyor

20 gori

30 guch

40 duch

50 tavi

60 jar

70 dal

80 naya

90 yer

100 tsuu

200 hoyor tsuu

1000 myanga



Monday – Davaa garig

Tuesday – Myagmar garig

Wednesday – Lkhagva garig

Thursday – Purev garig

Friday – Baasan garig

Saturday – Byamba garig

Sunday – Nyam garig


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