Anyone who speaks a few words in the language of the traveler’s destination, will be warmly welcomed. Of course this is also true for Bhutan. It will take some time to learn a few words in Dzongkha – the national language of Bhutan – and maybe some pronounciations will be difficult for foreign tongues but we guarantee it is worth it. And at the end we “torment” you with only 20 phrases 😉

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The 20 most important phrases in Dzongkha


Thank you.

Me Zhu.
No thank you!

Please eat/drink.

Tashi Delek.
Good luck!

It is delicious.


For bhutanese it is especially “zhimbay” if the meal contains a lot of chillies.

Na gi tshen gachi mo?
What is your name?

Nge gi ming … ein.
My name is … .

Chhoe gatey ley mo?
From where are you?

Nga … ley ein.
I am from … .

Log jaygay!
Good bye!

Lam gatey jo mo?
Where is this way leading to?


Es ist immer gut zu wissen, wohin der Weg am Ende fĂźhrt.

Tharingsa inna?
Is it far?

Gaday bay zhui?
How are you?

I am fine.

Nga nau mey.
I am sick.

Chhabsa gatey mo?
Where is the toilet?

Ani ga chi mo?
What is it?


The people of Bhutan are extremely hospitable. And talking a few words in their mother tongue will make them happy.

Ani gadem chi mo?
How much is it?

Nga Druk gai.
I like Bhutan.




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