Stok Kangri (6,123m) is the most popular mountain in Ladakh. Every year, hundreds of people from all over the world have tried to climb the 6,000er. But that over for now, because from now on further expeditions to the mountain are forbidden until further notice.


Why all expeditions to Stok Kangri are closed

Stok Kangri is considered the most popular mountain in Ladakh for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it is technically relatively easy to climb, on the other hand, it can be reached in a very short time from Leh and thus – and because for few years now relatively cheap fixed tent camps were available – expeditions to the mountain were comparatively low in costs. For reasons of environmental protection, however, this is over for now, because the inhabitants of the village Stok and the authorities have now decided to give the mountain a break to recover. We hope that there will be some access restrictions in the form of a maximum number of expeditions per year when reopening the mountain and / or only expeditions with trained teams will be allowed.

Gesar Travel welcomes this measure, because unfortunately not all mountain climbers and agencies were considerate and gentle enough, left rubbish behind and thus contributed to a pollution of the streams that endangered the drinking water supply of the population.

At present, it is impossible to predict for how long Stok Kangri will remain closed.

Anyone who still wants to go to Ladakh to climb a mountain has a variety of alternatives. There are countless 6,000ers that are technically equally easy to climb.

Some of the alternatives:

Starting from Nimaling in Markha Valley: Dzo Jongo, Regoni Malai Ri, Tasken Ri, Kangyatse Schulter

In Changthang: Dome Peak, Pyramide Peak, Mentok Peaks, Spangnak Ri

and many others.

We are happy to help you choose a suitable mountain.

Also read the following blog post on mountains in Changthang:


At Gesar Travel we guarantee a considerate approach to nature on all our expeditions: our team is well trained and never leaves trash behind! (Again and again, our team collects the leftover garbage of other expedition tours and takes it back to Leh.) We urge all mountain climbers to leave nothing but footprints.

Here a few examples of our other expeditions in Ladakh:


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