…and then sometimes a great idea just falls right into your lap. A few months ago, two Graphic Design students came to us with a special proposition. We were enthusiastic right from the beginning, and so we decided to implement together a somewhat different “photographic journey” within one of our Markha trekking tours.



Who wouldn’t like to bring home beautiful pictures from a trip?

Photo-tours, but not really

by Jakob Spulak and Andreas Felber

Even as ambitious hobby photographers, we were enthusiastic about traveling to distant countries and learning about foreign cultures. That’s the reason we asked ourselves: how come we have never fused our passions and gone on a photo-tour?

The answer to our question was in fact very simple: the main focus of all the previous offers we had checked was (unequally) the photography. Instead of fully enjoying every new impression, one rushes from photoshoot to photoshoot and tries to capture the moments in film (or drive). That’s not why we travel. When we are away in a different country, it is before all to experience its culture and its people.

That’s why we want to offer a kind of photo-tour in which we take part as photographers, and we can directly share our knowledge of photography in a more personal way. We want to move away from the classic photo-workshop style and into one where experience, application and learning adjust and adapt the needs of the individual.

With our own pictures, we will document the journey and capture the experience in all its facets.

In this way the travelers, especially those who have no photographic ambitions, will be able to fully concentrate on the trip and still, after returning home, revisit their impressions alone or share them with friends, by way of unique, professional photos.

We see ourselves as travel companions who would like to share their enthusiasm for photography and who are always happy to help you both with advice and deed to discover and/or develop your own skills. To achieve this goal, nothing is better than a shared adventure.

We look forward to an exciting trip together!

Jakob and Andreas



The country and its people, not the photography, are the main focus


Practical implementation

How does all this look in practice? In 2017 we want to test the project. Jakob and Andreas will join us for our Markha trek in June. If necessary, they will provide the guests with practical tips, take pictures of the journey and create a photo book that all travel participants will get after the trip. There will be no daily workshops; as we’ve already said, photography is not the focus, but the journey itself. Whoever is especially interested can speak directly with Jakob and Andreas and ask them general or specific questions about composition, exposure time, image resolution and everything else (of course, you can also simply chat with them about life, the weather, the trip… ;)). If on the other hand you are not so interested in taking photos, you can simply consider them fellow travelers and enjoy their beautiful shots, which of course will be available to everyone at the end of the trip. Who else has the opportunity to come back home with professional photos of his travel experiences?

And the best of all: there will be no additional costs for the pilot project in July 2017. Jakob and Andreas fly at their own expense, and because we are so enthusiastic about the idea, we cover their costs once in Ladakh. So what are you waiting for?



The men with the idea

Jakob Spulak


Since I got my first single-lens reflex camera from my father, when I was about 15 years old, I have been taking pictures with great enthusiasm. After several years working as a nurse and a three-month trip through the remotest regions of Western Nepal, I finally decided to focus on photography and travel. Since September 2015, I have been attending the Photography Class of “Die Graphische” in Vienna.

Within the framework of the photo festival “Horizonte” in Zingst in 2016, I was chosen as one of the Young Professionals and selected to exhibit some of my works.



Andreas Felber


Photography has been by my side me all my life. I got my first camera when I was 8. At 15, I began to take pictures of sports and travels with my mother’s old analogue reflex camera. In 2015, after I completed my education as a chemist, I decided to apply to the graphic arts institute “Die Graphische” in Vienna and become a professional photographer.

I have been working with Bettina Plach for some time and in 2015 I was second place in the Photocontest organized by Wiener Linien. This year, I was selected to exhibit a reportage series at the Photovienna 2016 in the MAK (Museum of Applied Art).




graphische_logoWe met in “Die Graphische” and found out that we have the same interests in photography. Above all, it is reportage photography and the traveling itself that appeal to us. Using pictures to capture and convey the impressions and experiences of a journey is one of the most exciting tasks for a photographer. That is why we chose travel photography when implementing our final project.


The trip

[tg_program title=”Markha-Valley-Trekking & Culture” place=”Ladakh”]Classic and varied trekking tour in the famous Hemis National Park. Before the trek itself, we’ll discover and marvel at the ancient culture, meet the locals and visit the most beautiful monasteries. Minimum 4 persons.
Date: 30 June to 15 July 2017
Price: 1.290 EUR


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