Monastery festivals Ladakh 2020

Visiting a monastery festival in Ladakh is one of the highlights of their trip for most of the visitors and yes, it is something spectacular and touching to see the colorfully dressed monks dance their stories. Here are the celebrations for 2020. Ladakh: Monastery festivals and other celebrations 2020 Hemis-Festival Spituk Gustor in [...]

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Monastery festivals in Ladakh 2019

Monastery festivals and buddhist celebrations in Ladakh The dates 2019 Colorful robes, scary masks, unusual musical sounds for western ears, never seen dance steps, these are monastery festivals in Ladakh, where monks in incredible dance performances try to impart stories and philosophies of Tibetan Buddhism. If you feel like it, plan your trip so that [...]

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Monastery Festivals in Ladakh: Dates for 2018

Monastery festival dates for 2018 in Ladakh These are the dates for monastery and other festivals/important happenings in Ladakh in the year 2018. Subject to Change. January 2018 Spituk Gustor 14,-15. January 2018 in Spituk February 2018 Dosmochey 13.-14. February 2018 in Leh and Likir Yargon Tungshak 19.-20. February 2018 in Yarma (Nubra) Stok Guru [...]

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