Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India

Expeditions in the Himalayas? The majority will automatically think about Nepal. And yes, Nepal has a much longer history when it comes to climbing tourism and they are truly experienced in that business and has the advantage of having the maximum mountains above 8000m. And there is one more thing that makes expeditions in the [...]

Up to the mountains! Expeditions in Ladakh & India2016-10-14T08:58:02+02:00

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch

It soars 8586 meters high: the Kangchenjunga. The third highest mountain in the world, the highest peak of Sikkim and India, and, since part of it lies on its territory, the second highest mountain in Nepal. There are so many different ways to write its name: Khangchendzonga (with or without "h") in the original, Kangchenjunga [...]

Khanchendzonga – Kangchendzonga – Kantsch2016-04-28T17:10:28+02:00
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