Hinduism simply explained

Hinduism is the most important religion in India and the third-largest religion in the world, with around 1 billion adherents. Since Hinduism, with its many traditions and interpretations, countless deities and grandiose philosophies can be overwhelming for both believers and non-Hindus, we have tried to sum up here the most important aspects of the religion. [...]

Hinduism simply explained2017-09-12T13:50:41+02:00

10 important Mudras in Tibetan Buddhism

What is a Mudra? Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that play a major role in Hinduism and Buddhism. In addition, mudras are also present in the Indian dancing tradition, and are an important part of yoga, where they are not only symbolic, but should also have an effect on the body and mind. Sooner or [...]

10 important Mudras in Tibetan Buddhism2016-10-25T08:28:23+02:00
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