10 best restaurants in Delhi

The gastronomical Gem called Delhi A foodie’s path to ecstasy Eat with Debashree Chatterjee, who tells us her favorite 10 restaurants in Delhi Delhi’s rich and diverse culinary heritage reflects hues of various cultures coming together as a single vibrant mosaic. With many gastronomic traditions – a result of many kingdoms and [...]

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Why and for whom I would recommend a trip to Kyrgyzstan

Meine letzte Kirgistan-Reise liegt leider schon wieder ein paar Wochen zurück, aber geblieben ist meine Liebe für dieses wunderbare Reich in Zentralasien. Im heutigen Blog erzähle ich dir, wer lieber nicht nach Kirgistan kommen sollte und welche Gründe die ausschlaggebenden sind, warum ich so davon fasziniert bin.

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What to expect when visiting a family home in Bhutan

When visiting a family home in Bhutan By Ulrike Čokl Ulli has lived in Bhutan on and off for many years. She has conducted ethnographic research on traditional hospitality practices, travelling & gift-exchange in rural communities. Thus she is very familiar with village livelihoods all over the little kingdom. She loves developing unique itineraries that [...]

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10 rules for Kyrgyzstan

Foreign countries, foreign customs. Whenever you travel, always try to research in advance about the local customs at your destination. This will help you avoid awkward or unpleasant situations, and make friends quickly. Kyrgyzstan is no exception, and it has a few rules worth knowing. Of course, small faux pas and unintentional mistakes can happen, [...]

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Easy tips to improve your life through Ayurveda

To lead a healthier and happier life, one doesn’t necessarily have to visit a therapist or a doctor. According to Ayurveda, there are a few very simple practices that can help you improve your life. You don’t even have to know what your ayurvedic constitution is. If you follow these rules, you will soon notice [...]

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