Monastery festivals Ladakh 2020

Visiting a monastery festival in Ladakh is one of the highlights of their trip for most of the visitors and yes, it is something spectacular and touching to see the colorfully dressed monks dance their stories. Here are the celebrations for 2020. Ladakh: Monastery festivals and other celebrations 2020 Hemis-Festival Spituk Gustor in [...]

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10 things you have to do / see in Bhutan

Ulli's bucket list of the 10 things you have to do / see in Bhutan By Ulrike Čokl Ulli has lived in Bhutan on and off for many years. She has conducted ethnographic research on traditional hospitality practices, travelling & gift-exchange in rural communities. Thus she is very familiar with village livelihoods all over the [...]

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Monastery festivals in Ladakh 2019

Monastery festivals and buddhist celebrations in Ladakh The dates 2019 Colorful robes, scary masks, unusual musical sounds for western ears, never seen dance steps, these are monastery festivals in Ladakh, where monks in incredible dance performances try to impart stories and philosophies of Tibetan Buddhism. If you feel like it, plan your trip so that [...]

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Festivals in Bhutan in 2018

Bhutan has a lot of monastery and not-religious festivals to offer. It is difficult to choose among them all. Our advice: If you have the time/possibility, visit festivals in the off-season. They are very special because they have less foreign visitors. Also travelling in off-season is more cheap than in high season. If you want [...]

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Monastery Festivals in Ladakh: Dates for 2018

Monastery festival dates for 2018 in Ladakh These are the dates for monastery and other festivals/important happenings in Ladakh in the year 2018. Subject to Change. January 2018 Spituk Gustor 14,-15. January 2018 in Spituk February 2018 Dosmochey 13.-14. February 2018 in Leh and Likir Yargon Tungshak 19.-20. February 2018 in Yarma (Nubra) Stok Guru [...]

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The 10 most important Buddhas & Deities: Buddhist iconography

  When entering a Tibetan Buddhist monastery for the first time, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed by the incredible variety of Buddhas, bodhisattvas and deities – some angry, some peaceful, and all almost always very colorful. But who is who and how can we distinguish the individual personalities from each other? There are [...]

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The Must-See Monasteries of Ladakh

Every Buddhist village in Ladakh has a cloister or a temple. There are so many that you don’t know where to start, or when to stop. In this post we tell you what monasteries you shouldn’t miss no matter what.  The Monasteries of Ladakh There are many impressive monasteries in Ladakh - most of them [...]

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Monastery festivals 2017 for Ladakh: The dates

Like every year also 2017 will have it's cultural highlights which are really worth to be seen. To be able to plan already now your trip 2017 to Ladakh we put the most important dates together.  Ladakh: Monastery festivals & and other important dates for 2017   Name of festival Venue 2017 Spituk Gustor Spituk [...]

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The buddhist Wheel of Life explained step by step

Whoever has visited a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, no matter if in Ladakh, Tibet or Bhutan, has also probably noticed, usually at the entrance of the temple, a drawing of the Buddhist Wheel of Life. This symbolic representation, or Bhavacakra, serves as a wonderful summary of what Buddhism is, and also reminds us that every action [...]

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10 important Mudras in Tibetan Buddhism

What is a Mudra? Mudras are symbolic hand gestures that play a major role in Hinduism and Buddhism. In addition, mudras are also present in the Indian dancing tradition, and are an important part of yoga, where they are not only symbolic, but should also have an effect on the body and mind. Sooner or [...]

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Hemis Festival 2016: What is it about?

Hemis Festival is held every year, but every 12 years it is very special. 2016 will be one of those years. In the 5th lunar month of the monkey year several hundred thousand people from tibetan-buddhist areas and the whole world will gather to celebrate the life of Naropa.   Hemis Festival: Every 12 years [...]

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