Travel market: Who’s joining?

Individually, but not alone

Even when one chose a tailor-made tour it might be he or she still would like to be accompanied by few more people with similare interests. That’s the reason why we built this travel market, where people can look for people who would like to join for a tour. Further details you’ll get once you write to us – we will also hand over you contact data so you can get to know each other.

If you like we can also put your tailor-made trip online – just ask us to do so! The more people you find to join you, the cheaper your tour gets.

Trekking in Zanskar from 1.8.-10.8. - 2 more participants wanted!

2 individual travelers from Germany are looking for 1-2 people, who would like to join them.
Itinerary (Walking hours between 5 and 8 hrs):
01.08.2017: Drive from Leh to Photoksar. Camp.
02.08.2017: Drive to Kiupa La (End or road) and trek to Skyumpata Gongma. Camp.
03.08.2017: Trek to Lingshed. Camp.
04.08.2017: Morning in Lingshed and then trek to Base camp of Hanuma Pass. Camp.
05.08.2017: Trek to Zhingchen via Hanumala Pass. Camp.
06.08.2017: Trek to Hanamur. Camp.
07.08.2017: Trek to Zangla and drive to Karsha. Camp.
08.08.2017: Drive to Rangdum – enroute visit Sani and Rangdum monasteries. Camp.
09.08.2017: Drive to Kargil. Hotel.
10.08.2017: Drive to Leh.
Further infos by mail:

Trekking and climbing in Ladakh: 25.07.-07.08.2017

A mixed british-austrian couple is looking for some more participants for their trekking tour, that starts in Lamayuru, leads through the Markha Valley and high up to the 6000er Dzo Jongo. Are you ready to join?
This is the envisaged itinerary:
25.07. Early morning drive to Lamayuru and trek to Wanla.
26.07. Trek to basecamp of Konzki-La.
27.07. Trek to Sumdo Phu.
28.07. Trekking to Lanak
29.07. Trekking to Chilling
30.07. Cross Zanskar river in a trolley and trek to Skiu.
31.07. Trekking to Markha
01.08. Trekking to Thachungtse
02.08. Trekking to Nimaling
03.08. Hike into basecamp and optionally acclimatization walk
04.08. Climb Dzo Jongo
05.08. Reserve day
06.08. Trek to Chogdo
07.08. Short trek to Shang Sumdo and drive back to Leh
The costs are dependent on the number of people joining - the more the cheaper 😉 Inquiries:

Adventurous Trekking in Zanskar: 1.-13. September 2017

A swiss man found his dream-trekkingtour in Ladakh that leads through wild gorges, flar flung villages and remote landscapes, but he doesn't want to do it alone. Attention: there are several streams that need to be crossed, so you need to be also ready to take certain risks. Also you might have an encounter with the rare Zanskar bear (if you are very lucky). The itinerary in short:
1. Sept. : Drive to Photoksar from Leh via Wanla, Hanupatta and Sirsir Pass. Camp.
2. Sept.: Drive to Kiupa la (4.430m) and trek to Lingshed via Morgun La. Camp.
3. Sept.: Explore Lingshed in the morning and trek to BC Barmila. Camp.
4. Sept.: Trek to Lingshed Sumdo (3.700m) via Barmi La (4.680m) in around 7 hrs. Camp.
5. Sept.: Trek into the village Dibling (3.930m) in around 7 hrs. Camp.
6. Sept.: Trek into basecamp of Pikdong La (4.200m) in around 4 hrs. Camp.
7. Sept.: Trek into basecamp of Kanji La south (4.300m) via Pikdong La. Camp.
8. Sept.: Trek into northern basecamp of Kanji La in around 7-8 hours. Camp.
9. Sept.: Trek to Kanji. Camp.
10. Sept.: Trek to Shillakong via Yokma La. Camp.
11. Sept.: Trek to Shilla. Camp.
12. Sept.: Reserveday (can be used also before)
13. Sept.: Trek to Lamayuru and drive to Leh.
Costs with 2 persons: 1.590 EUR/person Costs with 3 persons: 1.250 EUR/person Costs with 4 persons: 1.090 EUR/person Free single tent without surcharge!
Services included:
  • Transport from Leh to Photoksar
  • English speaking Guide
  • Cook / Helper / Packhorses
  • Campingequipment excl. sleeping bag
  • All fees and permits
  • Full board (3 meals a day)

If you are interested contact: