Zanskar for Sky Busters

This expedition is intended for people who are looking for a special challenge and who want to test their limits. The trek starts in Lingshed, one of the most charming and beautiful mountain towns of Zanskar, and then follows a very challenging route to the very remote village of Dibling, where the inhabitants will welcome us with their outstanding hospitality. Afterwards, the group will hardly meet any more people as the trip continues through a vast unpopulated area.


individualAs Individual trip at your desired date with local tour guidance
Best time of travel: End July-September
Prices: on request




Kanji village Zanskar

The beautiful village Kanji



The trekking tour ends with a visit to the still very traditional village of Kanji. But before that, we will dare to climb the 6.030m high Tsomothang. Familiarity walking with crampons and experience with ropes are a prerequisite. The tour also requires an above-average physical condition and it’s only suitable for people who practice and enjoy challenging athletic activities.

This tour is intended exclusively for people who have a lot of experience mountain climbing, good endurance and a matching degree of flexibility. The route may have to be changed due to weather conditions or the water level in the mountain streams. Nor can the ascent of Tsomothang be guaranteed. Should the weather prevent the ascent of Tsomothang, an alternative summit will be attempted.



Highlights at a glance

  • Challenging trekking tour to Kanji over Lingshed and Dibling
  • Climbing of the 6.030m-high Tsomothang
  • Visits to charming secluded villages and uninhabited areas
  • The two most important highlights of the Indus Valley: Thikse & Hemis


Tsomothang on Google Earth

Bird-view of the Tsomothang in Google Earth



Day 1
Departure from Home

Day 2
Arrival in Delhi and flight to Leh
After arriving in Delhi, depending on your flight, you will be transferred to another terminal or stay at the same one and just go up one floor. The flight over the Himalayas and the landing in Leh is an adventure in itself; even if you are tired after the long journey, this experience will quickly wake you up. In Leh, your guide will be waiting at the airport to take you to the guest house, where you can just relax and take it slow for a better height acclimatization. (We didn’t plan any activities on the first day, as this is absolutely necessary for the adjustment to the height!). Overnight stay in Leh. BF

Day 3
In Focus: Leh
The first day of sightseeing is entirely devoted to Leh. At first sight, the capital of Ladakh seems chaotic and not very attractive, but you will discover many exciting sites once you pay closer attention. You’ll visit the central city monastery (the Gonpa Soma), the bazaar of Leh, where the market women sell fresh vegetables harvested in their own gardens, and the polo field, where the sport was played long before the British arrived to India. After having lunch at the hotel there is some time to relax, because the second part of the day’s program starts later in the afternoon. The car will drive you up to the Tsemo Monastery, and then it’s time for a walk through green fields and beautiful Ladakhi houses, among laughing children and friendly Leh-pas (the inhabitants of Leh), to the hidden monastery of Samkhar. The day ends with a visit to the Shanti-Stupa, built in the 1980s, and from where you can enjoy a complete view of Leh and the Indus Valley. Overnight stay in Leh. BF

Day 4
Puja & meditation cave
We start the day early with a short drive to Thikse, where we will attend the daily morning puja. We’ll stay in Thikse for breakfast, and afterwards go to Hemis, where there’s a hidden monastery, one of Ladakh’s richest cloisters. We will have time enough to explore this historical religious building. Then we put our hiking shoes on, because we’ll be walking up to the centuries-old meditation cave of Hemis Gotsang, where many wise men have meditated in their search for enlightenment (walking time: about 3 to 4 hours). In the late afternoon we will bring you back to the already familiar hotel in Leh. Overnight stay in Leh. BF

Monastery Thikse (c) Roland Amon

Thikse Monastery (c) Roland Amon

Day 5
Preparations for the Trekking
Since the trek route will take us to quite high altitudes, we will start today with a practice run that will bring us up from Leh to a mountain pass over 4.200m high leading to Phyang (approx. 4-5 hours walking hours). After visiting the local monastery we’ll head to Wanla and put our first tent camp. BF,L,D

Hanupatta village Zanskar

Hanupatta on the way to Zanskar


Day 6
Bad Roads
We approach Zanskar slowly, driving carefully along ever-worsening roads to Photoksar, the Machu Picchu of Ladakh. From the Sirsir pass we take a look at the Singe Pass. We hike along the route over Sirsir La (4.800m) til Photoksar (4.200m). Overnight stay in camping tents. BF,L,D

Day 7
The trekking begins
There’s still a little more to drive, but then it’s finally time to put the hiking boots on (ankle-high, please!) and start an approximately 3-hour-long walk from Kiupa-pass (4.405m) to Linghsed. Overnight stay in camping tents. BF,L,D

Day 8
To Lingshed Sumdo
Unlike yesterday, the day ahead of us will be long and tiring, so we start early. Walking time: approx. 8 hours. We will also cross another mountain pass (Barmi La, 4.680m). Sleeping height: 3.700m. BF,L,D


Lingshed village Zanskar

A glimpse of Lingshed

Day 9
To Dibling
Today we reach one of the most isolated villages of Ladakh. The way feels longer due to the constant wading of mountain streams, which the trail so frequently crosses. Flexibility and endurance are specially required here. Walking time: approx. 7 hours. Sleeping height: 3.930m. BF,L,D

Day 10
To the basecamp of Pikdong La
Walking hours: app. 3-4 hrs. Sleeping height: 4.200m. BF,L,D

water crossing zanskar dibling

Quite an adventurous tour. Photo: Hubert Biskup.


Day 11
To the southern basecamp of Kanji La
Today we cross the Pikdong La (5.030m), descend and continue to the base camp of the next mountain pass. Walking time: 7-8 hours. Sleeping height: 4.300m. BF,L,D

Day 12
To the northern basecamp of Kanji La
Walking hours: app. 7-8 hrs. Sleeping height: 4.400m. BF,L,D

Day 13
Into the basecamp of Tsomothang
Today we are in our highest camp so far and prepare mentally for the ascent of the Tsomothang. Sleeping height: 5.000m. BF,L,D


old lady zanskar

Meeting other people on this trail is a rare occurrence


Day 14
Acclimatization or easy Ascent
Acclimatization hike or climbing a smaller technically easier summit in the area. BF,L,D

Day 15
To high camp
We climb a bit higher and put our camp at approx. 5.500m. BF,L,D


On top of Tsomothang. Photo: Simon Kraus

Day 16
The Ascent of Tsomothang 6.030m
We start before the first light… The ascent requires knowledge and experience: you’ll be walking in a ropeway and crossing glaciers on crampons. After the ascent we return to the same base camp. BF,L,D

Day 17
To Kanji
The last day of the Trekking tour has suddenly arrived. We hike to Kanji, the last village in the program, and put our last camp. BF,L,D

Day 18
Back to Leh
Passing the village of Lamayuru with its old monastery and the moon-like landscape, it’s about a 5-hour drive back to Leh. BF,L,-

Day 19
Free time in Leh
What would you like to do on your last day in Leh? Shopping, drinking coffee, sightseeing or just relaxing? It is entirely up to you how to spend the last day in Ladakh. BF,-,D


Delhi (c) Josef Reifenauer

Delhi (c) Josef Reifenauer


Day 20
Hello Delhi!
It’s finally time to return to Delhi. In the afternoon we explore the more exciting aspects of the city: we visit the old Delhi with its rich culture, discover colorful and bustling markets and marvel in front of impressive buildings. Late in the evening we’ll take you to the airport, from where you’ll fly back home during the early hours of the new day. BF,-,-

Day 21
Flight home


Prices and dates

Basic data for Zanskar for Sky Busters as Individual tour:

  • Best time of travel: End July-September
  • Prices: on request



  • Services from/to Delhi (in India)
  • Hotel catering according to detailed program / Double room
  • English speaking local tour leader
  • All transfers and transport according to the program
  • All entries, fees and permits (including mountain permits)
  • Camping equipment except sleeping bag (tents, sleeping pads, cook, tableware, etc.)
  • Necessary accompanying team (cook, helpers) for the Trekking tour
  • Experienced local tour guide
  • Transport of the trekking equipment with pack animal (except standard backpack)


Not included

  • Flights (but we can gladly arrange them for you)
  • Insurance (we strongly recommend at least a full Travel Insurance)
  • Tips
  • Drinks
  • Visa for India
  • Vaccinations
  • Sleeping bag
  • Additional costs resulting from illness, accident, change of route due to force majeure, etc.
  • Additional costs resulting from flight cancellations, changes or delays

As individual tour

The date is up to you, but we are happy to help you find the right time for an improved experience.

Of course, you can also customize the trip to suit your needs: make it longer, shorter, or change some stages! We are open to (almost) everything.

We are happy to offer the tour also for single travelers. In case the dates deviate too much from the recommended ones though, we may have to refrain from arranging the trip, for what we kindly ask for your understanding.


This tour is intended exclusively for people who have a lot of experience mountain climbing, good endurance and a matching degree of flexibility. The route may have to be changed due to weather conditions or the water level in the mountain streams. Nor can the ascent of Tsomothang be guaranteed. Should the weather prevent the ascent of Tsomothang, an alternative summit will be attempted.


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