The way of the nomad

Trekking in the land of the Nomad
This impressive trekking tour takes you across the Tibetan high plateau, past the Tsokar Salt Lake and through traditional Summer camps of the nomads before reaching the deep blue, shimmering waters of Lake Tsomoriri.


Group tour: Classic Tsomoriri-Trek
Price: EUR 1.640
Early-bird-price: EUR 1.520 for bookings until 31st january 2021
Date: 17. July-02. August 2020


individualAs individual tour at your preferred date
Best time of travel: End of June-mid September
Prices: on request



This impressive trekking tour takes you across the Tibetan high plateau, past the Tsokar Salt Lake and through traditional Summer camps of the nomads before reaching the deep blue, shimmering waters of Lake Tsomoriri.

High mountain passes, wide plains and breathtaking panoramas determine the character of this trip. We’ll meet wild donkeys, the rare black-necked cranes and huge herds of sheep and yaks. The journey under the open skies and the endless horizon are like a balsam for stress-ridden souls.



Classic camping-trekking in a grandiose setting: due to the high altitude (most mountain passes and at least one sleeping camp are well over 5.000m) good health and physical condition are required. The walking time per day is 4 to 8 hours. The maximum change in altitude to be experienced is 1.000m.



The deep-blue Lake Tsomoriri. Photo: Harald Schaffer


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Breathe deep! How to adapt to the height optimally

Many people avoid traveling to Ladakh (and other regions of the Himalayas) because they are afraid of the high altitude. And yes, there are only a few places in Ladakh that lie under 3.000m of altitude: here the air becomes thin and elusive. But with just a few tips all travelers, big and small alike, can learn to adjust faster and enjoy a safe stay.

You can find some tips for height acclimatization in our blog post: Breathless. Tips for height adjustment for children and adults.


If you feel like it, at the end of the trip you can also climb the Mentok Kangri II (6.210m) as an optional extra: 4 days / 2 people minimum /Price on request!




Photos by Barbara Esser



Highlights at a glance

  • 7-day trekking from Rumtse to Tsomoriri on the Tibetan plateau
  • The breathtaking Lake Tsomoriri with its surrounding 6.000m peaks
  • Encounters with nomads on the road
  • The most beautiful monasteries of Ladakh: Thikse, Hemis and the Gotsang hermitage


The group tour is organized together with Weltbewegend GmbH, the travel agency of the Alpenvereinsektion Edelweiss (Austrian Alpine Association). 




Day 1
Departure from Home

Day 2
Arrival in Delhi & Leh

After arriving in Delhi, depending on your flight, you will be transferred to another terminal or stay at the same one and just go up one floor. The flight over the Himalayas and the landing in Leh is an adventure in itself; even if you are tired after the long journey, this experience will quickly wake you up. In Leh, your guide will be waiting at the airport to take you to the guest house, where you can just relax and take it slow for a better height acclimatization. (We didn’t plan any activities on the first day, as this is absolutely necessary for the adjustment to the height!) Overnight stay in Leh. BF,-,-

Day 3
In focus: Leh
The first day of sightseeing is entirely devoted to Leh. At first sight, the capital of Ladakh seems chaotic and not very attractive, but you will discover many exciting sites once you pay closer attention. You’ll visit the central city monastery (the Gonpa Soma), the bazaar of Leh, where the market women sell fresh vegetables harvested in their own gardens, and the polo field, where the sport was played long before the British arrived to India. After having lunch at the hotel there is some time to relax, because the second part of the day’s program starts later in the afternoon. The car will drive you up to the Tsemo Monastery, and then it’s time for a walk through green fields and beautiful Ladakhi houses, among laughing children and friendly Leh-pas (the inhabitants of Leh), to the hidden monastery of Samkhar. The day ends with a visit to the Shanti-Stupa, built in the 1980s, and from where you can enjoy a complete view of Leh and the Indus Valley. Overnight stay in Leh. BF,-,-

Day 4
Puja & Meditation cave

We start the day early with a short drive to Thikse, where we will attend the daily morning puja. We’ll stay in Thikse for breakfast, and afterwards go to Hemis, where there’s a hidden monastery, one of Ladakh’s richest cloisters. We will have time enough to explore this historical religious building. Then we put our hiking shoes on, because we’ll be walking up to the centuries-old meditation cave of Hemis Gotsang, where many wise men have meditated in their search for enlightenment (walking time: about 3 to 4 hours). In the late afternoon we will bring you back to the already familiar hotel in Leh. Overnight stay in Leh. BF,L,-

Kloster Thikse (c) Roland Amon

Thikse monastery. Photo: Roland Amon

Day 5
Preparations for the Trekking
Since the trek route will take us to quite high altitudes, we will start today with a practice run at a similar height. A transport will drive you up to the 5.360m high Khardong La, and you’ll have to walk back a good part of the way. Overnight stay in Leh. BF,-,-

Day 6
Acclimatization in Rumtse
Here we go… Today we are driving to Rumtse, the starting point of the Trekking tour. But we don’t start right away. Instead, we stay in Rumtse and simply make an acclimatization walk. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.000m). BF,L,D

Day 7
Trekking to Kyamar
Now for real… You’ll be hiking from Rumtse to Kyamar. Walking time: about 3 to 4 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.550m). BF,L,D

Day 8
Trekking to Tisaling
Two mountain passes today, the Kyama La (5.120m) and the Mandalchan La (5.215m). Walking time: about 4 to 5 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.900m). BF,L,D

Day 9
Trekking to Pongunagu
The trail take us over the Shibuk La (5.280m). Walking time: about 5 to 6 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.580m). BF,L,D


Day 10
Trekking to Nuruchan
Walking time: about 4 to 5 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.690m).  BF,L,D

Day 11
Trekking to Rachung Karu
We cross over the Horlam Kongka La. Walking time: about 4 to 5 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.900m). BF,L,D

Day 12
Trekking to Gyama Barma
And today over the Kyamayuri La (5.420m). Walking time: about 6 to 7 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 5.200m). BF,L,D

Day 13
Trekking to Korzok Phu
A long day ahead of us, with the highest point being the crossing at Yalung Nyau La (5.450m). Walking time: about 7 to 8 hours. Overnight stay at camp (about 4.800m). BF,L,D


Day 14
Hello Again, Leh
After a week on the trail, it’s time to say good-bye to the Tsomoriri Lake, the snow-capped mountains and the loving team. Because today we go back to Leh. The car ride runs along the lower Indus on occasionally bumpy roads, so it takes between 6 and 7 hours. BF,L,-

Day 15
Free time in Leh
What would you like to do on your last day in Leh? Shopping, drinking coffee, sightseeing or just relaxing? It is entirely up to you how to spend the last day in Ladakh. BF,-,-

Day 16
You land in Delhi in the morning. After the vastness of the Tibetan plateau and the relative stillness of Leh, the giant city can feel loud, crowded and not very pleasant. But we have tried to prepare an attractive program so you can enjoy your last hours in India with some interesting sightseeing. There is also a room with shower available until late evening, when the transfer will take you to the airport. BF,-,-

Day 17
Flight home

Prices and dates

Basic info for the Classic Tsomoriri Trek as group trip:

Price: EUR 1.640
Early-bird-price: EUR 1.520 for bookings until 31st january 2021
Date: 17. July-02. August 2020
min/max participants: 6/12
Single Supplement: EUR 195
Small Group Supplement: EUR 200 (if only 4-5 participants)


Basic info for the Classic Tsomoriri Trek as individual tour:

Best travel time: end of June to mid-September
Prices: on request


  • Overnight stay in Leh in a guesthouse, dayroom in Delhi
  • Overnight during the trekking tour in a camping tent
  • Full board outside of Leh and Delhi (only breakfast)
  • All transfers and transports
  • All entries, fees and permits
  • Camping equipment (tents, sleeping pads, cook, tableware, etc.)
  • Necessary accompanying team (cook, helpers) for the Trekking tour
  • Sightseeing in Delhi with local tour guides
  • Local, English-speaking tour guides from/until Leh
  • Preliminary meeting in Austria for group trip (for personalized trip only on request)


Not included

  • Flights (but we can arrange them for you)
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips (ca. 80-100 EUR)
  • Drinks
  • Visa for india
  • Vaccinations
  • Sleeping bag
  • Additional costs resulting from illness, accident, change of route due to force majeure, etc.
  • Additional costs resulting from flight cancellations, changes or delays

As individual tour

Do you have more (or less) time available? Do you also want to climb a 6k peak as part of your trip, since you are already at such an altitude? We are ready to adapt the tour to your needs, and are open to (almost) anything.

If you are interested, please contact us: or


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