Basics of Mongolei

Culture Hiking tour from Ger to Ger

An endless sea of grass under an impossibly blue sky. Open wide landscapes and elusive horizons. A feeling of lightness, of expanding, of freedom… That’s the effect that this land has, when you let go. Open yourself to Mongolia.


Group Tour: Basics of Mongolia
Price: 1.990 EUR
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Date: 01. -15. August 2020
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Best travel time: June to September
4 to 5 people: 1.990 EUR/person / 2.290 USD/person
6 to 7 people: 1.890 EUR/person / 2.190 USD/person
8+ people: 1.790 EUR/person / 2.250 USD/person

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Welcome to the land of Genghis Khan’s children! Photo: Roland Amon

We will explore the center of Mongolia by car and on foot, frequently trading our wheels for hiking boots and occasionally even swinging ourselves on the back of a horse. Although the astonishing nature around us and the life style of the nomads are the focus of the journey, we will also explore the Buddhist and historical aspect of the country. The monasteries of Erdene Zuu (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Amarbayasgalant are also part of the program, as are the extinct volcano Uran Togoo and the national parks and reserves of Khustain and Khogno Khan. We will hike across the steppe, venture into forests, climb sand dunes and above all, marvel at the vastness of the country, count the clouds in the endless sky and reminisce our experiences in the evening under a breathtaking starry night.

A natural source of soothing relaxation. Photo: Roland Amon



Stations of our tour




Day 1
Departure from home
… and into the wide open.

Day 2
The Capital Ulaan Baatar
Welcome to Mongolia! Our team will greet you at the airport and show you where to change money (bringing Mongolian currency into the country is not allowed). Then you will be taken to the hotel, where you can get some rest after such a long journey. Finally, it is time to explore the Mongolian capital, a city halfway between the old ways and modernity. It’s a funny wild mix that hits us here: Soviet architecture meets capitalism meets Buddhism meets nomadic tradition. Here everything is crammed together in a confined space: steel skyscrapers breaching up through a low sea of traditional yurts (Mongolian: Ger), just a few meters from old socialist buildings that almost share walls with renovated Buddhist monasteries. In the evening we take Mongolia in, literally, by enjoying a traditional meal J Overnight stay in the hotel. BF,-,D

Day 3
Noyon Uul
Before leaving Ulaanbaatar, we will visit Gandan, the largest and most important Buddhist monastery in the country, situated on a hill to the west of the capital. Afterwards it is just about 120 km to the northwest, where we will spend the night in a ger. On the way there we make a stop at the Aglag Temple, including an about 2-hour hike. Overnight stay in Ger camp. BF,L,D

The monastery Amarbaysgalan

Day 4
In an approximately 5-hours-long drive, we will cover the 260 km that separate us from the Amarbayasgalant Monastery, one of the three largest Buddhist centers of Mongolia. It was built between 1727 and 1738 by a Manchurian Emperor and dedicated to the Mongolian leader Bogd Zanabazar. Unfortunately, part of the monastery was destroyed by the Communists in the 1930s. With the help of UNESCO, however, it was extensively restored between 1975 and 1990 and it is now on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. After the visit we will hike for about 1-2 hours and spend the night again in the Ger camp. BF,L,D

Day 5
Uran Togoo
In the morning after breakfast we drive to the extinct volcano Uran Togoo (230 km away, about 4,5 hours drive). On the way we pass by Erdenet, the second largest city of Mongolia. We will hike through the impressive landscape for about 2 hours. Overnight stay in Ger camp. BF,L,D

The ger is the traditional accommodation of the nomads. Photo: Roland Amon

Day 6
Khanui and Khunui
Today we meet the rivers Khanui and Khunui. The road trip is about 60 km long. On the way there we will visit a nomadic family and experience up close the local way of living. We will also enjoy hiking the steppe (for about 4 hours), and afterwards cook and eat together. Today there may even be an opportunity to explore the country on the back of a horse like a true Mongol. Overnight stay at an eco lodge in Bayan-Agt. BF,L,D

Day 7
Taikhar Chuluu
Another day in which we alternate between wheels and hiking boots: first about 150 km in the car, and then a good 3 hours on foot. A typical summer camp awaits us at the destination. Overnight stay at Ger camp. BF,L,D

The secret of happiness? Riding the endless steppe on the back of a horse. Photo: Roland Amon

Day 8
The Tsenkher Hot Springs
Today we drive about 70 km to the hot spring of Tsenkher. At a temperature of approximately 86.5˚C, the sulphurous water bubbles out of the ground. Those who want to can take a hot bath here. Of course, hiking is also in today’s program: about 3-4 hours through a valley and a larch forest. Overnight stay at Ger camp. BF,L,D

Day 9
Today’s destination, the Orkhon Valley, is about 120 km away. The Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall is one of the highlights of the protected area. We will hike for another 3 hours today, although there is also the option to ride instead. Overnight stay at Ger camp. BF,L,D

The Ulaan Tsutgalan waterfall at the Orkhon Valley.

Day 10
Cultural Approach in Karakhorum
At sunrise, 150 km separate us from our destination: Karakhorum and the Buddhist temple complex of Erdene Zuu, the first and largest of Mongolia, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Genghis Khan chose this place as the seat of his empire. After the temple we will visit a traditional market and a small felt workshop. (Of course, we haven’t forgotten the hiking part: we will put our feet to good use for 1-2 hours). BF,L,D

Day 11
Nomadic community Gurvanbulag
Today’s destination, the nomadic community of Gurvanbulag, is about 120 km away from our starting point. On the way we will make a stop at the Tsaidam Museum, visit a horse breeder family and get to know the shepherd’s lifestyle better. Today’s hike is a good 2 hours long, and we will sleep, as almost always, in the Ger camp of the nomadic community, where we can admire voluble sand dunes, soft-backed mountains and the endless steppe landscape all close together. BF,L,D

Mountains, steppe and desert. Mongolia has it all.

Day 12
Sand Dunes and Natural Reserve
Our goals today: the Mongol Els sand dunes and the Khugnu Khaan natural park. After walking for 3-4 hours we will drive 30 km to the small monastery of Erdene Khamba. Here we will explore the mountain Khugnu Khaan and admire its unique rock formations before continuing to our camp at a sand dune. Overnight stay at Ger camp. BF,L,D

Day 13
Khustai Nationalpark
A 220 km drive takes us to the Khustain Nuruu National Park, with its typical Mongolian forest and steppe landscape. The Przewalski’s horses, originally native to this region, were successfully reintroduced in 1992. In addition, there are other wild animals to discover here, such as the Altai wapiti or the Mongolian gazelle. We hike for about 2 hours and spend the night in the Ger camp. BF,L,D

The Przewalski’s horse, locally known as Takhi.

Day 14
Back to the start
Our roundtrip comes to an end. We drive 110 km back to the starting point in Ulaanbaatar. Once in the hotel, you can freshen up and go for a walk in the city, get some souvenirs, take some pictures or just enjoy a coffee. In the evening we have dinner together and say our goodbyes in a cozy round. BF,L,D

Day 15
Flight back home

Prices and dates

Info for the tour Basics of Mongolia as group tour:

  • Date: 01.-15. August 2020
  • Min/max participants: 4/10
  • Price: 1.990 EUR / 2.380 USD
  • Single Supplement: 350 EUR* / 410 USD*
    *In the Moilt Eco Lodge (Day 6) each Ger is shared by 2-4 people. Here there are no single rooms available.


Info for Basics of Mongolia as individual trip:

Best travel time: June to September
4 to 5 people: 1.990 EUR/person / 2.290 USD/person
6 to 7 people: 1.890 EUR/person / 2.190 USD/person
8+ people: 1.790 EUR/person / 2.250 USD/person

Single Supplement: 350 EUR* / 410 USD

*In the Moilt Eco Lodge (Day 6) each Ger is shared by 2-4 people. Here there are no single rooms available.



  • All activities as described in the program
  • Overnight at Hotel / Double, Twin / (2 nights)
  • Overnight at Ger camp (10 nights) and Eco Lodge (1 night)
  • Tour guide (local English speaking)
  • Sightseeing costs and admissions
  • All transfers, excursions and round trip with good, customary Russian 4WD minibuses
  • Meals, breakfast, lunch / special meals and dinner according to itinerary
  • Water


Not included

  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa fee
  • Film and photo fee
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Making the laundry
  • Individual personal costs
  • Tips


As individual tour

The date choice is up to you, but we are happy to help you find the best time to travel.

Of course you can also have the trip adapted to your needs: lengthen, shorten or change the program! We are open for (almost) everything.

We can also offer the trip to single travelers. However, we kindly ask for your understanding: it is possible that we have to abstain from this during high season and at peak times.





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