What to expect when visiting a family home in Bhutan

When visiting a family home in Bhutan By Ulrike Čokl Ulli has lived in Bhutan on and off for many years. She has conducted ethnographic research on traditional hospitality practices, travelling & gift-exchange in rural communities. Thus she is very familiar with village livelihoods all over the little kingdom. She loves developing unique itineraries that [...]

What to expect when visiting a family home in Bhutan2019-03-29T10:35:13+01:00

10 rules for Kyrgyzstan

Foreign countries, foreign customs. Whenever you travel, always try to research in advance about the local customs at your destination. This will help you avoid awkward or unpleasant situations, and make friends quickly. Kyrgyzstan is no exception, and it has a few rules worth knowing. Of course, small faux pas and unintentional mistakes can happen, [...]

10 rules for Kyrgyzstan2018-10-29T15:44:27+01:00
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