It is time for planning your holiday for 2017. If you always wanted to go to Bhutan, you can think about that as well. To visit a monastery festival is a must for many travellers to Bhutan, so it is important to know the dates of those festivals. Here you find a list of the monastery festivals 2017 in Bhutan, as well as some special events and festivals outside of monasteries. 


Monastery festivals in Bhutan 2017



Punakha Drubchen: 4.-6. March 2017

Punakha Dzong, Punakha

Punakha Tshechu: 7.-9. March 2017

Punakha Dzong, Punakha

Tharpaling Thongdrol: 12. March 2017

Tharpaling Lhakhang, Chummi, Bumthang

Chhorten Kora: 11. + 26. April 2017

Chorten Kora, Trashiyangtshe

Gomphukora Gom: 4.-6. April 2017

Kora Lhakhang, Trashigang

Talo Tshechu: 4.-6. April 2017

Talo Gonpa, Punakha 4th –6th April

Gasa Tshechu: 3.-6. April 2017

Gasa Dzong, Gasa

Zhemgang Tshechu: 4.-7. April 2017

Zhemgang Dzong, Zhemgang

Paro Tshechu: 7.-11. April 2017

Rinpung Dzong, Paro

Chhukha Tshechu: 9.-11. April 2017

Chhukha Dzong, Chhukha

Rhododendron Festival: 14.-16. April 2017

Lamperi Botanical Garden, Dochula, Thimphu

Domkhar Tshechu: 5.-7. May 2017

Domkhar, Chummi, Bumthang

Ura Yakchoe: 7.-10 May 2017

Ura Lhakhang, Bumthang

Nimalung Tshechu: 1.-3. July 2017

Nimalung Dratshang, Chummi, Bumthang

Kurjey Tshechu: 3. July 2017

Kurjey Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang

Haa Summer Festival: 5. July 2017


Mushroom Festiva: 15.-16. August 2017

Genekha, Thimphu

Masutaki Mushroom Festival: 23.-14. August 2017

Ura, Bumthang

Tour Of The Dragon (Radrennen): 2. September 2017

Bumthang nach Thimphu

Thimphu Drubchen: 26.-29. September

Tashi Chhodzong, Thimphu

Wangdue Tshechu: 29. September-2. October 2017

Tencholing Army Ground, Wangduephodrang

Gangtey Tshechu: 3.-5. October 2017

Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang

Tamshing Phala Chhoepa: 29. September-01. October 2017

Tamshing Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang

Thimphu Tshechu: 30. September – 2. October 2017

Tashi Chhodzong, Thimphu

Thangbi Mani: 4.-6. October 2017

Tangbi Lhakhang, Choekor, Bumthang

Jumolhari Mountain Festival: 14.-15. October 2017

Dangochong, Thimphu

Jakar Tshechu: 29.-31. October 2017

Jakar Dzong, Choekhor, Bumthang

Dechenphu Tshechu: 30. October 2017

Dechenphu Lhakhang, Thimphu

Jambay Lhakhang Drup: 3.-7. November 2017

Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang

Prakhar Duchhoe: 4.-6. November 2017

Prakar Lhakhang, Chummi, Bumthang

Black Necked Crane Festiva: 11. November 2017

Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha, Wangduephodrang

Mongar Tshechu: 26.-28. November 2017

Mongar Dzong, Mongar

Pemagatshel Tshechu: 26.-28.November 2017

Pemagatshel Dzong, Pemagatshel

Trashigang Tshechu: 27.-29. November 2017

Trashigang Dzong, Trashigang

Jambay Lakhang Singye Cham: 3. December 2017

Jambay Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang

Nalakhar Tshechu: 3.-5. December 2017

Ngaa Lhakhang, Choekhor, Bumthang

Druk Wangyel Tshechu: 13. December 2017

Dochula, Thimphu

Trongsa Tshechu: 26.-28. December 2017

Trongsa Dzong, Trongsa

Lhuentse Tshechu: 26.-28. December 2017

Lhuentse Dzong, Lhuentse

Nabji Lhakhang Drup: 2.-4. January 2018

Nabji Lhakhang, Nabji, Trongsa


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Like every year also 2017 will have it’s cultural highlights which are really worth to be seen. To be able to plan already now your trip 2017 to Ladakh we put the most important dates together. 


Ladakh: Monastery festivals & and other important dates for 2017


Name of festival
Spituk Gustor Spituk 25.+26. January
Dosmochey Leh & Likir 24.+25. February
Yargon Tungshak Nubra (Yarma) 2.+3. March
Stok Guru Tsechu Stok 6.+7. March
Matho Nagrang Matho 11.+12. March
Saka Dawa All of Ladakh 9. June
Yuru Kabgyat Lamayuru 21.+22. June
Hemis Tsechu Hemis 3.+4.July
Dalai Lama’s Birthday
Jivatsal, Shey 6. July
Sachukul Gustor Sachukul 11.+12. July
Stongde Gustor Stongde, Zanskar 12.+13. July
Ladakh Polo Festival Chushot 11.-17. July
Karsha Gustor Karsha, Zanskar 21.+22. July
Phyang Tsesdup Phyang 21.+22. July
Korzok Gustor Tsomoriri 26.+27. July
Dakthok Tseschu Thakthok 2.+3. August
Sani Nasjal Sani, Zanskar 6.+7. August
Diskit Gustor Diskit, Nubra 17.+18. October
Thikse Gustor Thikse  6.+7. November
Chemde Wangchok / Padum Chemde 16.+17. November
Galden Namchot All of Ladakh 12. December
Ladakhi Losar (New year)
All of Ladakh 19. December



To get a little taste of what it is like have a look at this short video from the monastery festival in Matho 2016.



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We’d love to help you planning your trip to Ladakh – either in a pre-designed group tour or in your tailor made individual travel. We will choose the right festival for your and your tour.
Note: If you are truly interested in the cultue of Ladakh, we strongly suggest you to come in winter and be part of a monastery festival during this season as they are really special.