Travel insurance

Be on the safe side

When travelling abroad, a travel insurance is recommended – accidents can happen fast and anywhere. If you’re booking a trekking tour or even an expedition, we need you to present all documents of your comprehensive travel insurance before the start of the expedition. This is a basic prerequisite, especially when rescue and recovery is needed. But even on jeep safaris or other tours you could suddenly fall ill or an accident can happen – and then you will wish to be taken home!

A cancellation insurance is useful, but not mandatory.

If you don’t already have a comprehensive travel insurance, it would be our pleasure to offer you travel and cancellation insurance by Allianz. Don’t hesitate to ask!

Here you can find an overview of all insurance packages by Allianz (chose your country on top right and book online, or we can arrange that for you – whatever feels right for you!)

Important Notice

If you take out insurance very late, only incidents happening 10 days after the contract are insured. Even 30 days before commencement of travel an insurance covering cancellation cannot be taken out retroactively.