Individual tours


58 Days

  Ladakh Adventure for the true adventurer A two month trek through Ladakh There are people, who love to seek for challenges. If that kind of people have time as well this Ladakh Adventure tour is just the right fit. 58 days on tour, 50 of […]
22 Days

Trek & Cycle in Ladakh Multi-Active Tour with Trekking, Cycling and optional climbing of a 600er     The Nubra Valley is where this trip focuses on. After seeing the most beautiful highlights of the Indus Valley, the group goes up to Khardong La by bus […]
10 Days

This special trekking tour takes us through secluded villages along lesser-known paths. Villagers really like to have visitors (for a change in their day-to-day life) and you can feel their honest hospitality. Trekking itself is going to be very strenuous and only for the sure-footed and […]
21 Days

Trekking and Culture in Zanskar Discover Zanskar with monastery festival in Sani We’d love to show you the most beautiful face of Zanskar: visit remote villages, fascinating monasteries and meet friendly Zanskari. The drive to remote Zanskar is long and exhaustig, the roads are not the […]
14 Days

Basics of Ladakh A cultural round trip with dayhikes Our beginner’s program for people who want to see the most important highlights of but don’t have so much time on their hands. In those two weeks you visit the most important monasteries and see the most […]
14 Days

2 weeks 1 Sixthousander Climbing of Stok Kangri (6.150m)   You want to visit Ladakh and climb a six-thousander? You don’t have a lot of time? We offer you a two-week tour with ideal preparation for the ascent of Stok Kangri (at 6,154 m), you get […]
15 Days

Discover the spiritual side of Ladakh Cultural tour to the wise people of the land in the Himalayas On this tour you will not only visit monasteries, but also many other spiritually important places and people like oracle, healers or yogis with a particular relation to […]
20 Days

Trekking and Expedition in the land of the nomads Expedition to Spangnak Ri in Changthang On this tour we fly at higher game: the nine-day-trek leads us through the the Tibetan High Plateau at an elevation between 4,500 and 5,000 m, home of the nomads and […]
14 Days

Diese Trekkingtour führt anfangs durch das bekannte Markha-Valley, biegt dann vor der Hochebene Nimaling nach rechts ab und führt über den 5.000m hohen Pass Kongmaru-La ins Nomadenland.
22 Days

Some people can't get enough – only one six-thousander? I'm just getting started! If you can relate to that and want to climb not one but two six-thousanders, this is exactly the right trip for you.
22 Days

Trekking in Ladakh’s North Discover Nubra with us! The focus of this tour is on Nubra, in the north of Ladakh. After seeing the most beautiful highlights of Indus valley we drive north, where the Himalayas meet Karakoram mountain range. We are discovering the Shyok valley […]
16 Days

The female side of Ladakh Intensive encounters Experience the female side of Ladakh. You are going to stay at a nunnery for two nights and get to know the daily life of a nun. In Nubra and in Sham – the north and west of Ladakh […]
221 Days

Trekking in Markha-Valley An appealing classic tour at a reasonable rate The Markha-Trek is one of the best known and most popular treks of Ladakh. For a good reason – as it is close to Leh and easy to reach and therefor cheaper. Another reason is […]
21 Days

Zanskar for Sky Busters ADVANCED TREKKING & EXPEDITION TO TSOMOTHANG (6.030m)   This expedition is intended for people who are looking for a special challenge and who want to test their limits. The trek starts in Lingshed, one of the most charming and beautiful mountain towns […]
17 Days

The way of the nomad Trekking in the land of the Nomad This impressive trekking tour takes you across the Tibetan high plateau, past the Tsokar Salt Lake and through traditional Summer camps of the nomads before reaching the deep blue, shimmering waters of Lake Tsomoriri. […]
19 Days

Hiking trip for women Female-focused hiking in the Markha-Valley Equipped with camping tents and with the help of pack horses, we will hike across the Markha Valley National Park, home of the legendary snow leopard. Centuries-old Buddhist monasteries are on our way. Group tour: Ladakh for […]
14 Days

Ladakh’s elusive snow leopards and dancing monks Monastery festivals & wildlife tour in the snow leopard region During the long winter months, Ladakh remains almost completely isolated from the outside world. The deep snow covers and blocks all the mountain passes, and reaching this rocky desert […]
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25 Days

The new Great Zanskar Trek Trekking through Zanskar traversing five passes   The best of Zanskar is shown through this great traverse over five passes standing over 5000m. The remote valleys with colourful landscapes treasure abundance of flora and fauna, charming places and hospitable inhabitants which […]


16 Days

Bhutan: The kingdom of happiness and its People To get to know a country well you have to get to know the people. That is exactly how we want to give you an understanding of Bhutan – not only pounding the streets sightseeing, but live with […]
22 Days

Bhutan & the 13days Lingshi-Laya-Trek Trekkingtour to the holy mountains of the Layas You will camp at the camp of Jhomolhari and Tiger mountain, meet Yak nomads at Lingshi and visit the enchanting village Laya with its charming people. Feel one with the nature, listen to […]
16 Days

Trekking & Culture in Bhutan Mountainlakes & Yak Herders at the Dagala-Trek This extraordinary hiking and cultural journey is specially designed for the nature lover. We will take them into the magic land of Bhutan, in the beautiful valleys of Paro, Haa and Punakha. Come along […]

Masagang Trek

19 Days

A visit to the Laya people in Bhutan 8 days trekking to the holy mountain Masagang   This journey starts with a wonderful acclimatization hike through the pristine Haa valley. After a short visit and a few impressions of the capital Thimphu, the trip continues to […]
19 Days

Pilgrimage tour in Bhutan: To the southern treasures Buddhism, Meditation & Village life On this journey we are following the footsteps of Pema Lingpa, who was born in the Tang-Valley in Bumthang, Central Bhutan, in 15th century. He was one of the most important masters of […]
20 Days

Bhutan: In the Pursuit of Chili & Cheese Food production and local cuisine in the small Himalayan kingdom This journey will take you through the culinary landscape of Bhutan. You will learn about food production and preparation and its important role in different domains of society. […]
10 Days

In Search of Bhutan’s Happy Women Hiking, Nature, Culture & Female Livelihoods This tour caters to women who like to travel among themselves. Focus is on hiking, nature and culture and you will get insights into the role of women in Bhutanese society. Special highlight for […]


13 Days

Kerala & its people A journey through Kerala with homestays Kerala is a stunning country that has a lot to offer. Much more than beaches, Yoga and Ayurveda. The tropical forests, the tea plantations, the backwaters and accommodations, that are truly special. Many of the homestays […]

Ayurveda Yoga Villa A loving home with a caring team Resort for Ayurveda, Yoga & Kalari Price: 1 week from 666 Euro Best time to go: November-March. The best time for ayurvedic cures is during the monsoon season (June-September).     The Ayurveda Yoga Villa is […]

Udayagiri HOLISTIC RETREAT WAYANAD Resort for Ayurveda & Yoga Price: 1 week from 505 Euro Best time of travel: November-March The best time for ayurvedic cures is during the monsoon season (June-September)   Exceptional things happen in exceptional places This is the belief of the owners […]

Ayushkamy AYURVEDA & YOGA RETREAT KOLLAM Resort for Ayurveda & Yoga Price: 1 week from 595 Euro Best time to go: November-March Ayushkamy follows the philosophy of Ayurveda and Yoga, but it is also driven by principles of eco-tourism: “We believe that responsible travel to natural […]

Sri Lanka

14 Days

On the move in southern Sri Lanka An active trip including cycling tours and hiking trails in the south fo the island     Personalized trip Best travel dates: December – April Price 2 to 4 people: from 1350 EUR/person / 1.620 USD/person Price 5 to […]
14 Days

Buddhism in Sri Lanka A pilgrimage to the most important Buddhist highlights & Meditation retreat Buddhism is the most widespread religion in Sri Lanka. About 70% of the total population, mainly Sinhalese, belong to the Theravada branch of Buddhism. So it is not a coincidence that […]

On the move in northern Sri Lanka An active trip including cycling tours and hiking trails in the North of the island This trip is designed for active people who like to explore a country on foot and/or on bicycle. We have combined here beautiful bike […]
16 Days

Climbing the 2nd highest mountain of Sri Lanka and hiking in the Knuckles Mountain Range Besteigung des Kirigalpottha 2.388m There’s a lot more to Sri Lanka than beautiful beaches and Ayurveda. The highlands of this tropical island lure you in with a breathtaking combination of high […]



Meet the Moguls A historical tour through Delhi i The long, rich and exciting history of Delhi makes itself manifest – and actually, tangible – in a myriad monuments scattered all over the city. Where to start, then, and which of its many stories are the […]

The Temple Path A tour through the spiritual side of Delhi Delhi is not only exciting and dynamic, rich in history and tradition, but also home to millions of people of many different confessions. In Delhi as well as in the whole of India, characterized by […]

Shopping in Delhi A Shopping Tour in the Capital of India Delhi is colorful and noisy, and its never-ending hustle and bustle is part of everyday life in the big city. There are countless markets where everything you can think of is sold, traded and bought […]

Shoppingtour in Delhi Shoppingin Air Conditioning-equipped places in Delhi Delhi is colorful and noisy, and its never-ending hustle and bustle is part of everyday life in the big city. There are countless markets where everything you can think of is sold, traded and bought with heartfelt […]

Sikkim & Darjeeling

Sikkim & Darjeeling

Hiking & culture in Sikkim

13 Days

Hiking, culture & Tea in Sikkim A cultural round trip with dayhikes in Sikkim & Darjeeling Darjeeling is well known all around the world – mostly because of the renowned and popular black tea named after its place of origin. But Sikkim is still not as […]
17 Days

Me and the 8000er Dzongri-Trek to Goeche La We start our journey in Darjeeling, the capital of the tea or the queen of the hills. Only after seeing the highlights we will enter Sikkim, the former kingdom at the boarders of Nepal, China and Bhutan. In […]

Ladakh & Himachal

Ladakh & Himachal

Ladakh, Spiti & more

23 Days

Ladakh, Spiti & more Trekking from Tsomoriri over the Parang La (5.600m) to Spiti   In this program we combine the highlights of two Indian Himalaya-states: Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh. Starting from Delhi we directly leave for Leh, city in the Himalayas, where the first three […]


22 Days

Himalayan kingdom in the north of india Sikkim is bordered by Nepal to the west, China’s Tibet Autonomous Region to the north and east, and Bhutan to the east. Lesser-known in the west, the region is not visited by many tourists, but more and more people come and fall in […]

Ladakh & Goa

18 Days

Ladakh in winter & goa at the beach Snow & Sand: Oracle on the beach Ladakh in winter is very special. Many people can only think of the cold weather, but that is only the basic condition also dominating European winter. The most interesting features of […]


25 Days

A roundtrip with a real insight to Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh & Punjab India’s north is a colorful, diverse and culturally rich treasure. Where Indus river begins to swell, lies our first destination, Ladakh. It inspires not only fans of the Himalayas from all over the world […]


19 Days

Discover Uttarakhand! On this roundtrip we combine the most beautiful places of Uttarakhand with the cultural highlights and day hikes to lesser known places. The tour starts in one of the most famous nationalparks in India: the Jim Corbett Nationalpark at the banks of Ramganga with […]


12 Days

Trekking along the Singalila ridge One of the most beautiful treks in India   The trek along the Singalila Ridge in Darjeeling is one of India’s finest trekkings. It starts close the the capital of tea – in Darjeeling. The trekking route runs north and the […]

Bhutan & Sikkim

20 Days

Bhutan & Sikkim: Culture and hiking Discover the tibetan culture and experience two monastery festivals An exclusive and impressive trip to the Tibetan-Buddhist regions of Sikkim and Bhutan awaits you. As the highlight of the group tour, you will visit the colorful monastery festival in Paro. […]



Ayurveda Yoga Village Ayurveda Yoga Villa’s Sister KUMTA BEACH, KARNATAKA Resort for Ayurveda, Yoga & Kalari Price: 1 week from 735 Euro Best time to go: November-March The best time for ayurvedic cures is during the monsoon season (June-September). The Ayurveda Yoga Village is the new […]

India & Nepal

India & Nepal

The Life of Buddha

14 Days

Pilgrimage: The Life of Buddha A classic pilgrimage to the holy places of Buddhism The most classic of our pilgrimages routes follows the footsteps of the historical Buddha. Siddharta Gautama was born in 483 BC in Lumbini (Nepal), and died in Kushinagar in the North region […]

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