Bhutan – The kingdom of happiness

Facts & Figures

Capital: Thimphu
King: Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
Currency: Ngultrum, Indische Rupie
Official language: Dzongkha
Area: 38.394 km²
Population: 733.643


The climate depends where and at what elevation in Bhutan you are. The higher the region – like Thimphu and Paro – the colder it is in winter. For example between 2.500 and 2.800m there will be frost in winter time. Also in autumn it can be littly chilly in that areas and you will need a Fleece-/Windjacket in the evenings. In lower areas it is more pleasant and during summer really hot.

If you are in the south of Bhutan during the summer you will experience tropical temperatures with lots of rains. But during trekking tours in autumn that bring you higher up you will even have to pack a down jacket. So – the climate is very diverse!

Best time of travel

The most popular times of travel are in autumn and spring. But actually for those who do not mind having some bit colder evening winter is the better option.

For good reasons:
– Off-season prices are by far more reasonable
– The view in the mountains is great
– Less tourists travel in winter time

Winter: December to february
The nights are – dependend on the elevation – already bit frosty. But on daytime you can expect sun and sometimes even above 20 degrees Celsius. It snows very rarely down to the valleys. Winter is a good time for hikings and cycling.

Spring: March to May
Those who love nature and flora will love travelling in spring. Everything is in blossom: rhododendron, Edelweiss, apple- and pear-trees. It is warm and moist, and sometimes it can be foggy. During spring time several festivals are held, which many travellers attend.

Summer: June to August
Everything is deep green and fertile. It is moist and hot, and it rains a lot. This is why not many people visit Bhutan in summer – but on the other hand the prices are much lower during that season and you will be treated like a king/queen.

Autumn: September to November
The sky becomes clearer and less rainfalls occur. During autumn a lot of festivals are held, which draws many visitors to Bhutan. Whoever wants to travel to Bhutan in autumn has to hurry – there are only limited seats on the planes and hotels are sold out quickly.

What to do in Bhutan?

Bhutan is extremely diverse, if it comes to activities. You can dive deep into the culture and history of the country, encounter wild animals and explore the botanical diversity. You can get to know more about the people of Bhutan by living in their homes, or you can challenge yourself during nice dayhikes and more or less challenging trekking tours.

Beautiful dayhikes: The classic from Paro to the monastery Taktsang, the walks to Jele Dzong or Chele La from Paro, from Thimphu up to the monastery Phajoding, hiking from the 108 chorten at the Dochu La to the monastery Lhunchuzekha, walk from Thimphu to Wangdue, from there to Phobjika … there are actually so many nice daywalks, we can easily make you a long trip with daily hikes. At the same time you will have the chance to sleep every night in a comfortable hotel.

Easy trekking tours
Nabji Korphu Trek from/to Trongsa
Duration: 6 days

Merak Sakteng Trek from/to Radi
Duration: 7 days

Dagala Trek from/to Thimphu
Duration: 6 days

Medium trekking tours
Druk Trek from Thimphu to Paro or vice versa
Duration: 4, 5 or 6 days
Highest point: 4218 m at the Lawala-Pass
Best time: October – November, February – March

Lingshi-Laya Trek from Paro to Punakha
Duration: 13 days
Highest point: 5005 m at the Sinchela-Pass
Best time: September – mid December, April – June

Jhomolhari Trek from Paro to Thimphu
Duration: 9 days
Highest point: 4900 m at the Nyiela La
Best time: September – December, March – June

Gangkar Puensum Trek from/to Bumthang
Duration: 10 days

Soi Yaktsa Trek from/to Paro
Duration: 7 days

Challenging trekking tours
Snowman Trek from Paro or Punakha to Bumthang
Duration: 26 or 20 days

Lunana Trek from Punakha to Nikka Chhu
Duration: 17 days

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